Showing unique burst and acceleration, Bryce Brown, the Eagles seventh-round selection in this years draft, has burst on the NFL scene, rushing 55 times for 359 yards and scoring four touchdowns in the last three weeks.

On Tuesday, he will be our guest on the "Players Show" live from Chickies and Pete's in EHT from 6-7.  Stop out and meet this impressive rookie and hear all about the Eagles win and find out about the Eagles preparation for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Brown spoke to the media today and commented on a varirty of topics, we'll touch on these and play "Meet Bryce" at 6:30.

On whether the Tampa Bay run defense was even better than he expected:

“I mean, I think they surprised everybody, but we went to our passing game and it worked out great and we got a ‘W’. I’ll take it.”


On the last time he had more carries than yards in a game:

“I don’t think ever. I can’t really remember it, so I’ll go with never. First time for everything.”


On the Tampa Bay defense being able to stop the run out of different formations:

“They stunted a lot. It was just their day because they stunted into everything we were going to and the safeties did a good job and the corners did a good job of cutting everything. They were right where they needed to be to stop the run.”


On how he is preparing for the short turnaround playing on Thursday:

“The same as always: spending a lot of time in the training room, getting the things that I need to do to take care of my body. This is my first time doing anything like this. It’s pretty crazy but I’m excited. I’m looking forward to Thursday.”


On what adjustments need to be made to better protect the quarterback:

“I just think we need to win our one-on-one battles. The game plan this week compared to last week, it’s pretty much the same. We’re going to go out there and we’ve just got to execute better.”


On how he feels about sharing the backfield with RB LeSean McCoy potentially coming back this week:

“I shared it with [RB] Dion [Lewis]. I think it’s great. The more talented guys we’ve got in our corner, the better chance we have of winning.”