Eagles second year safety Ed Reynolds was all over the place in more ways than one Sunday Afternoon.

Reynolds broke-up a team-high three passes, and picked off two passes, during the Eagles' preseason opener against the Colts. Reynolds made a number of plays and seemed to be around the ball at all times when he was on the field, he also made a saving tackle on special teams that stood out.

"I thought he showed up today," acknowledged Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. "He showed up, not only two interceptions but had a big tackle on the kickoff return after that late in the game.  I think he's a guy that's pushing to make the 53‑man roster and I'm happy for him right now. I thought Ed did a nice job and put himself in a pretty good situation coming out of game one.  We'll see how he grows from here."

Kelly acknowledged that the third safety spot seems up-for-grabs and the way Reynolds has progressed from his rookie season to now his second season has been noticed by the coaching staff.

"Ed has had a really nice camp," Kelly stated.  "He's a lot like [LB] Marcus [Smith], year two.  It's not all new for him.  He spent the entire offseason here, was here every day.  We weren't allowed to be with him until April 20 but he was in the building working on his own and I think it's showing right now."

The Eagles drafted Reynolds in the fifth round (No. 162 overall) in the 2014 NFL draft with the thought that he was not an overly athletic or physical safety, but always showed a nose for the ball while at Stanford (has a bit of a nose for the ball (seven interceptions during his two collegiate seasons) but will likely max out as a third safety/special teamer in the pros and now is a strong candidate to fill that third safety role.  While Reynolds was excited about his effort today, he knows he needs to continue to build on it next week against the Ravens.

“I just need to be consistent," Reynolds admitted.  "It can’t just be this one week. I need to show up this week, then show up the week after that, and hopefully carry it over into the regular season and then into the playoffs.”

Here are a few other things that stood out on defense while re-watching the Eagles' preseason opener:

Busy day for Rowe. Rookie cornerback Eric Rowe quietly put together a strong start to training camp and followed that up with a nice performance in the preseason opener with five tackles, including one for a loss. "Eric Rowe had a big fumble caused on one of those receptions on the crossing route, came in from behind and did a great job of stripping him," Kelly said.

Under-the-radar DE. Brian Mihalik is a defensive end who's trying to make the Eagles' roster as a seventh round draft pick. Plays like the sack he had of Colts quarterback Bryan Bennett, the tackle for loss he had, plus his hit on the quarterback will help. He finished with three tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hit. The 6'9, 302 lbs. end is a developmental project, but will be given some more looks based on this play vs. the Colts.