NOTE: Unfortunately for Evan Mathis and fortunately for 97.3 ESPN FM, it was his turn to co-host "The Player's Show" Tuesday night.

Juan Castillo Out--Todd Bowles In

With Juan Castillo's firing and Todd Bowles promotion, Mathis faced tough questions in this opening segment. After the game on Sunday Mathis admitted on air that he feared changes were coming whether it be game plan, personnel, or coaches. It turned out to be a coach in Juan Castillo and Mathis realizes like his coach Andy Reid that a 3-3 record isn't good enough.

Meet Mathis Part II

Every Tuesday night at 6:30 Todd Ranck likes to play his random question think fast type of game with our guest that night. This time it was Evan Mathis' turn for Part II of Meet Mathis:


--Pete Giordano


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