The Eagles made sure the future at left tackle continues to be bright after Jason Peters with the trade up to 22nd overall selecting Washington State's Andre Dillard.

Giving up a 4th and 6th round pick was a lot to give up according to Howie Roseman. For a player that was a top ten talent their board, their highest graded offensive lineman, it was still a no brainer for Philadelphia.

Clearly, the organization is excited about a top-10 talent landing in their lap at 22. Especially considering they moved right in front of a Houston Texans team desperate for an offensive lineman.

Since its more difficult to spread that excitement about a lineman to the fans, here are five stats that should create more buzz around Dillard.

1. Dillard allowed one sack on 722 pass blocking snaps last year

While the Washington State product has room to grow in run-blocking, protecting the quarterback is a major strength.

In 2018, Dillard allowed just one sack on over 700 pass-blocking stats. Considering Washington State throws the football more than almost anybody, that is eye-popping.

In fact, those 722 snaps was an FBS-high.

2. Dillard allowed three sacks on 1,510 pass-blocking stats the last two years 

If the last stat was impressive, this one should be even more. Adding 788 pass-blocking snaps on to Dillard's 722 last season only resulted in two more sacks allowed.

3. Washington State's quarterback was hit just 14 times in four seasons with Dillard at LT 

Dillard did not let his QB get touched. He took blocking to the whistle serious allowing only 14 hits to the quarterback in four seasons. That included only three to finish off his career.

4. On 2,391 passing snaps, Dillard gave up just 49 total pressures 

Edge rushers can still do damage without racking up the sack totals (see Brandon Graham). Quarterback pressures is another stat that shows the efficiency, or lack thereof when it comes to lineman on both sides of the ball.

Dillard's allowed QB pressures was another glaring stat for the better. Nearly 2.5 thousand passing snaps went by and he allowed less than 50 pressures.

5. Dillard had the 2nd highest pass-protection grade of the 2019 class from Pro Football Focus

While he wasn't PFF's highest-rated pass-blocking lineman in the draft, it should be telling about Dillard's up-side that he was so efficient despite more reps than any lineman in the country.

Washington State threw the ball so often that their starting RB James Williams was able to finish with 202 receptions over the course of his collegiate career.


The Eagles believe in building from the trenches-out. Outside of the hopeful development of Jordan Mailata, there wasn't a clear plan to replace Jason Peters at one of the most important positions in football.

Dillard provides that next corner-stone piece up front that has the athleticism, experience, and production to handle Philadelphia's pass-heavy offensive attack.

If Carson Wentz is going to prove he can stay healthy, making sure his blind-side is protected for the rest of his career was a priority.

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