(February 1, 2021): On Monday's edition of Football at Four, Geoff Mosher joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Perspective on the Eagles retaining Aaron Moorehead to be their Wide Receivers Coach

*How much involvement should we expect from Nick Sirianni coaching up Wide Receivers since his background includes coaching that position group

*Should the Eagles look to add veteran Wide Receivers this offseason

*Is it a good idea for the Eagles to draft a Wide Receiver at the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

*What should we takeaway from Nick Sirianni's introductory press conference and media interviews since being hired

*How difficult was the setup of the introductory press conference for new Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni

*Was Nick Sirianni surprised or not prepared for some of the questions he got about the Eagles Quarterback situation

*Will there be a Quarterback competition in Training Camp or will there be some fallout that impacts Carson Wentz from the Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff trade

*Would the Eagles be open to moving Jalen Hurts

*When did the NFL change so much from coaches having more of a say in the 53-man roster and now there's analytics involved in those decisions

*What questions would we like to have heard asked of Owner Jeff Lurie if he would have been open for questions during the media call

*Perspective on the Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff trade and how that impacts the NFL this offseason

(Geoff Mosher is an NFL Reporter and Eagles Insider who Co-Hosts "Inside The Birds Podcast" along with writing for Insidethebirds.com)

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