(November 23, 2020): On Monday's edition of Football at Four, Andrew DiCecco joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Biggest concerns with the Eagles after loss to the Browns in Cleveland

*Could the Eagles have more wins this season if Carson Wentz played better and committed fewer turnovers

*Perspective on Doug Pederson play calling and why the offense got away from Running the Ball in the second half

*Impact of nine different Offensive Lineman playing on Sunday have on the Eagles loss

*Should Jason Peters still be playing at Left Tackle along with takeaway from Pederson saying Sua Opeta earned opportunity to play over Nate Herbig and Matt Pryor

*Is it a fair for Doug Pederson to be questioned about benching Carson Wentz

*Are the Eagles Offensive Coaches doing enough to get Receivers open for Carson Wentz to throw to them

*Do we know if Carson Wentz wants to keep playing in Philadelphia or is he so beaten down by the season that he is worn down from the 2020 season

*What is Doug Pederson's role in Carson Wentz still being the Eagles Starting Quarterback

*How do the Eagles fix the Offense and Carson Wentz moving forward

*Is Doug Pederson sending the wrong messages to the team by his decisions on play calling and who starts each week

*Are the Eagles constrained from sitting veterans and playing younger players because the organization still views the team as NFC East contenders

(Andrew DiCecco covers the Eagles for 973espn.com and is a Contributor to InsideTheBirds.com)

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