(September 28, 2020): On Monday's edition of Football At Four, Andrew DiCecco joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Message that Doug Pederson sent by punting on fourth down in Overtime

*Has Doug Pederson lost confidence in Carson Wentz and the Eagles Offense

*What happened to Doug Pederson's aggressiveness

*Is Carson Wentz salvage and can we trust him playing Quarterback

*How much rope should the Eagles give Carson Wentz to turn things around

*Is Doug Pederson the Eagles' biggest issue moving forward

*Did Jason Peters have the worst game of his NFL career in Week Three versus the Bengals

*Why did the Eagles get away from running the ball late in the game and should we be concerned with Miles Sanders being fatigued

*Did the Eagles abandon the run game because of Miles Sanders being fatigued

*Perspective on JJ Arcega-Whiteside lack of playing time and his future with the Eagles

*Who is to blame for Desean Jackson's lack of impact of the Eagles offense

*Was the Eagles recipe for success versus the Bengals should have been to keep running the ball with Miles Sanders

*Should the Eagles have kicked the 64 yard field goal, go for it on Fourth Down, or punt the ball like Doug Pederson did in Overtime

*Could the Eagles finishing the game with a Tie instead of a Loss be beneficial in the long run this season despite the bad optics

(Andrew DiCecco covers the Eagles for 973espn.com and is a Contributor to InsideTheBirds.com)

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