The Philadelphia Eagles steamrolled the Green Bay Packersin week 3 of the preseason 39-26. The final score did not indicate the kind of domination the birds had over the Packers.

Sam Bradford completed 10-of-10 passes for 121 yards and three touchdowns in the Eagles' third preseason game. (Photo: John Durr, Getty Images)
Sam Bradford completed 10-of-10 passes for 121 yards and three touchdowns in the Eagles' third preseason game. (Photo: John Durr, Getty Images)

Philadelphia scored six first half touchdowns to lead 39-14 at the half. With the 'dress rehearsal' successful and in the past, let's get to Grayson's Grades.


Sam Bradford - Rarely do I give out an 'A+' but Bradford made it impossible not to do just that. He played just one quarter but that was more than enough to show he has a firm grasp on this offense. Bradford completed all 10 of the passes he threw for 121 yards and 3 Touchdowns. His accuracy was perfect and his tempo with the offense was solid.


Trey Burton - Burton has grabbed the third tight end spot on this team firmly with both hands and continued to look good throughout the preseason. Burton caught 4 passes for 22 yards and 2 touchdowns. He made several difficult catches in traffic.

DeMarco Murray - Murray continues to look like a great fit in this offense. His versatility helps set the pace early in the game and allows the other running backs to have success also. Murray carried the ball 6 times for 28 yards. He also caught 2 passes for 12 yards.

Ryan Matthews - Matthews also looks like a perfect fit for this offense. His change of speeds is tough to defend. He rarely falls backwards and usually puts up some solid yards after contact. Matthews carried the ball 7 times for 22 yards. He also caught 2 passes for 12 yards.

Jordan Matthews - Matthews is extremely consistent. Quarterbacks love receivers that are consistent. Matthews runs solid routes and almost always catches the ball if it is near him. He caught 3 passes for 51 yards, that included a 27 yard reception.

Darren Sproles - Sproles has been spared from returning punts or kicks and as a result, is getting more offensive opportunities. We are seeing him in the game with either DeMarco Murray or Ryan Matthews and he is winning the matchup battle against linebackers in the receiving game. Sproles caught a touchdown pass in this game and looks like a great change of pace option for Chip Kelly. Sproles caught 2 passes for 41 yards and one touchdown.

Walter Thurmond - Thurmond once again intercepted a pass and this time took it back for a pick-six. Thurmond has looked good at Safety so far this preseason. He is constantly around the ball intercepting a pass last week off a tip by Nolan Carroll. Thurmond has also been picking off some passes in training camp.

Starting Offensive Line - The starting offensive line opened some nice holes for the running backs. They also kept Sam Bradford virtually untouched. He did take one good hit, but that was about it. Credit the line for a good job in helping the Eagles get out to a fast start in this game.

Fletcher Cox - Cox is so important to the success of the defense. He sucks up extra blockers that allow his teammates to do what they do in rushing the passer. Cox also can take on blockers and stop the run. Do not underestimate his value to this team.


Mark Sanchez - I struggled to give Sanchez a solid 'A', but felt he deserved better than a 'B'. His stats looked good, but surprised me when I saw them because his performance to the eye did not look great. Sanchez' accuracy was a little off, but better than it has been. To me, this is Mark Sanchez. He can give you an 'A' game here and there, perfect for a backup. But his consistency is not quite there to earn confidence as a weekly starter. Sanchez finished 13-of-19 passing for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.


Kenjon Barner - Barner failed to extend his punt return for a touchdown streak to three games. However, he continued to display his speed and ability to move the ball in open space. Barner was part of a screen play that went for 50 yards. He finished with 2 receptions for 59 yards and 2 carries for 4 yards.


Matt Barkley - Barkley once again looked average in the battle for the third quarterback spot on this team. He does not get the offense moving at the same tempo as Bradford and Sanchez. His passes still get too much air under them with not quite enough velocity. Barkley completed 5 of 9 passes for just 28 yards.

Tim Tebow - Tebow has opportunities against the Packers. He came in to quarterback a pair of two-point conversions attempts in the first quarter; however, both conversion attempts failed. Tebow also appeared in the fourth quarter. He fumbled a handoff and did not impress in the passing game. Tebow completed both passes he attempted for just 15 yards. He also carried the ball 3 times for 4 yards.

Nelson Agholor - Agholor had his worst game of the preseason in my opinion. Rookies are especially susceptible to games like this. He failed to get the separation against defenders that he has been able to achieve earlier in the preseason. Agholor did not get many passes thrown his way as a result. He finished with 2 receptions for 11 yards.

Eric Rowe - Rowe, like fellow rookie Nelson Agholor, also struggled in this game. He appeared to be a step or two behind in coverage several times. He is certainly getting a ton of snaps this preseason, a clear indication the coaching staff is going to use him a lot this fall. While it was not a strong performance, it will provide more film and room for improvement as Rowe heads into the final preseason game next Thursday at the Jets.


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