After being selected as Phillies All-Star Representative in 2016, Odubel Herrera had a slow start to 2017 season after hitting .262 in his first 23 games this season.  But his hitting has picked up lately, in the last seven games Herrera has .529 Batting Average with Two Home Runs and Eight RBI.  The hope is that Herrera can capitalize on his recent hot streak and get more production from his bat the rest of this season.

CSN Philly Pre/Post Game Phillies Analyst Tommy Greene joined The Sports Bash on Monday and gave his perspective on Odubel Herrera:

"He’s got the ability to play here....with him changing positions and learning Center Field and how much he’s improved at that since they put him out there, that just shows the type of athlete he is . His great attributes are his hands - last year was an indication of that when they had him leading off of a game. He fouled off pitches and worked pitches and you don’t see that often. He did it on a consistent basis but it also allowed him to get fooled into slap balls around....But I don’t think he really got going off in the right direction this season; He knows he can play here, and it was just that focus issue because this game has a crazy way to bring you down to earth and humble you a little bit and then you find out what people are made of when you go through these times and hopefully we will see more sides of him because he does look a little more focused in that."

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