When Cole Hamels was traded by the Phillies to the Texas Rangers, people have been waiting to see one of the top prospects in the deal from the Rangers: Nick Williams.  2017 is the year Williams has finally made it to the Phillies big league team; in 16 games he has tallied 3 Home Runes and 11 RBI with a .315 Batting Average and .593 Slugging Percentage.

CSN Philly Pre/Post Game Phillies Analyst Tommy Greene joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on Nick Williams after 16 games:

"He's doing everything you can ask him to do. Its going to be good to see the cat and mouse game now; the league's learning how to pitch him and he's really showing me some good signs the way he's staying up the middle and to left center. Right now he doesn't have a hit to the pull side, that's going to be anxious to see if that's how he gets pitched a lot. Is he going to roll over those like he's been doing or can he make the adjustment? But right now he's holding own and playing good defense. When he does round out the first base, the first basemen can't jog over there. It's a footrace and he's hustling. That's what I like to see."

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