Philadelphia Eagles fans know firsthand that Chip Kelly won't speak to the media when he doesnt have to.

That's exactly what's happening this week in Indianapolis at the annual Scouting Combine.

San Francisco 49ers general manager will speak to the media on behalf of the organization on Wednesday morning. Kelly is expected to arrive in Indianapolis on Tuesday, according to San Jose Mercury News.

It's a narrative that Eagles fans know all too well with Kelly, who famously rejected media availability unless it was mandated by the NFL.

In fact, remember that time in 2014 when Kelly joked to Eagles reporters about falling asleep during some of the drills?

"There's times at the combine where I actually fall asleep," Kelly joked to Eagles reporters in June 2014. "I don't know why you'd watch it on television. I mean, they're running 40-yard dashes."

While predictable, Kelly is one of nine NFL coaches who are not expected to address the media including Bill Belichick, Sean Payton and Andy Reid.