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49ers Reporter Roasts Chip Kelly (And 49ers) on Twitter
By now, you've heard about Chip Kelly meeting with the San Francisco 49ers about their head coaching vacancy.
After just one season with Jim Tomsula at the helm, the 49ers fired him and are looking to make a big splash in their next hire, already meeting with Mike Shanahan...
Could a Holiday Party Contributed to Kelly Firing?
Some of you out there enjoy going to your annual holiday parties.
Others, would rather not spend free time with coworkers if they don't have to.
It seems that former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly agrees with the latter...
Report - Keep Your Eye on Kelly to Browns
According to several reports since his firing, Chip Kelly is destined to land on his feet back in the NFL.
We've already seen a report linking him to Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans. Now comes a report linking Kelly to the Cleveland Browns.
Report - Kelly Wants to Coach Titans
Chip Kelly is a free agent.
There aren't many openings right now, (not many teams fire their coach with one game remaining on the schedule) but come 'Black Monday' there figures to be many head coaching vacancies throughout the entire NFL.
Reports - Chip Didn't Fight Firing, Murray's Chat With Lurie
You've had local Philadelphia reporters show up at Chip Kelly's house looking for comment.
No dice.
Jay Glazer, FOX Sports, though was able to get comment from Kelly on the decision to fire him on Tuesday night:
Just talked to Chip Kelly, disappointed how it ended but knows it's a result…
Report - Lurie Gathered Intel From Eagles Players
For Jeffrey Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles to fire Chip Kelly with just one game remaining on the schedule, something must have happened.
According to a report, Lurie began gathering intel on current players on the roster and the feedback was "not good."
Lions Player: "We Made Them Tap Out"
You can call it a lack of effort.
Or, a lack of interest.
Either way, the Philadelphia Eagles did look disinterested for their second straight week as their season slowly slips away.
Report - Chip Kelly Has Lost 'Loyalty" From Players
It's been in the works for weeks.
It was even reported on last month by ESPN, Chip Kelly is losing the Eagles locker room.
Now just one day before one of the more important games of the season, additional questions have risen about the state of the Eagles locker room...

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