You've had local Philadelphia reporters show up at Chip Kelly's house looking for comment.

No dice.

Jay Glazer, FOX Sports, though was able to get comment from Kelly on the decision to fire him on Tuesday night:

Just talked to Chip Kelly, disappointed how it ended but knows it's a results-oriented biz. Insists he wants to remain in the NFL, not college. Was pulled into mtg w owner, said he didn't fight the decision.

Glazer also reports that Kelly told him "a few times" that he really wants to remain coaching in the NFL and that college is not an option.

Glazer also tweets that players and even come coaches are trying to gather more information on exactly what happened in that meeting on Tuesday night.

There was also a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network detailing the now famous first class conversation DeMarco Murray had with team owner Jeffrey Lurie on a chartered flight home after beating the Patriots.


Rapoport also tweets that Kelly was fired in the evening after the players had left for the day and there was no final address to the team.

It's going to become clearer by the day what players really thought of Kelly as some have even reportedly pulled themselves out of games in fear of injury.

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