A high school football playoff game in Pleasantville turned tragic, as shots were fired from the stands.  Two people are reported to be injured as a gunman opened fire in the game between the Greyhounds and Camden.

Mike Frankel, who was shooting video for Jersey Sports Zone, captured much of the incident on film.

In a game that was being broadcast live on 97.3 ESPN radio, Camden was leading Pleasantville 6-0 in the third quarter when at least six shots were fired from the bleachers on the Greyhounds sideline.

At least two people, including a child, were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, but no further information was given.

Sports Bash co-host Ryan Rothstein was at the game and was seated close to the shooter.

Also at the game was Nick Kosko, who was calling the game on the radio, along with Steve Parker.

No clarification has been given on if the game will be finished, however we can confirm that no students from either team were injured in the shooting, authorities have also said they have found thew weapon, but no suspect has been charged.

On Saturday's edition of The Pete Thompson Show, NJ.com high school reporter Kevin Minnick, joined the show in an emotional interview discussing the incident.

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