Phillies first baseman-turned left fielder Rhys Hoskins has been on a ridiculous tear.  Hoskins manged to complete two incredible feats on Sunday afternoon.   Hoskins homered in the eighth inning, his 11th home run in just 18 games.  That's a record that goes back to at least 1913 - but even more incredibly: Hoskins made a running grab in left field that ended up being at triple play.

Phillies starter Nick Pivetta got off to a difficult start in the first inning, one in which he allowed three runs to score and the Chicago Cubs batted around.  After the next three innings went much better for PIvetta, the fifth inning, which appeared to be the final inning he would pitch given that he was quickly approaching the 100-pitch mark, the first two Chicago Cubs reached break.  Then, Javier Baez stepped to the plate:

Hoskins dropped the ball as he attempted to take it out of his glove.  But Hoskins stayed with it, threw to second baseman Cesar Hernandez and then to first baseman Tommy Joseph.  The grab was close to the ground and both baserunners, Anthony Rizzo and Tommy La Stella thought it would drop.

The play got Pivetta off the hook, and ultimately, a win.

The Phillies, with a record of 48-81, would otherwise be enough to put any Phillies fan to sleep.  But even on Saturday when Hoskins hit his 10th home run of the season, fans were really excited, despite a 17-2 loss.  The Phillies did not even have the third run that would have elicited "football score" laughs.

The Phillies would end up winning a three-game series from the defending World Series Champion and first place Chicago Cubs, which should be impressive on its own.  But after it is all said and done, it's all about Rhys Hoskins.   The Phillies have about five weeks of baseball left.  Chances are that Phillies fans will be tuned in to watch # 17.

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