How far away are the Eagles from getting back to the Super Bowl?

The might be closer than you think, at least according to an ESPN article that assessed the chances every team has of making a Super Bowl appearance next season.

The Eagles were one of three teams that were listed as ones that stood out along with the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos. Carson Wentz and Marcus Mariota were listed as top young quarterbacks, as the reason both those teams could make a big jump.

Philadelphia was listed as  teams placed in the ““Middle of the pack,” category. There were five categories teams were split into, those being, in order: “Nowhere close,” “Lots of work to do,” “Middle of the pack,” “Should contend, but there are question marks,” and “On the cusp of a Super Bowl appearance.”

Tim McManus, who covers the Eagles for NFL Nation, wrote this about the birds.

The jury is still out on head coach Doug Pederson. Given all the moving parts in 2016, evaluating the rookie coach's performance is a little tricky. It'll be much more cut and dried moving forward. Pederson is officially on the clock, starting now.

Adding wide receivers for Wentz and corners for the defense are two of the biggest challenges for the team this offseason, along with adding some pass rush.

The Eagles have either the 14th or 15th pick in this year's draft, I discussed some wideouts that could interest the team in the draft with Turron Davenport of the USA Today, guys like John Ross of Washington, Corey Davis of Western Michigan, Isaiah Ford of Virginia Tech, KD Cannon of Baylor and Rodney Adams of South Florida were some of the names that came up.


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