We all know it's virtually pointless to grade teams on their NFL Draft.

But, we love to do it anyway.

Before the draft, Eagles vice president of player personnel, Ed Marynowitz told reporters that the team had 8 draft picks so they wanted to come away with 8 players.

That didn't happen.

With trades on Friday and Saturday, the team came away with 6 players, in addition to a 3rd round draft pick from the Lions they'll be receiving in 2016.

The team was also able to keep impact players Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson in not "mortgaging the future" for Titans second overall pick in Marcus Mariota.

However, with trade rumors continuing to surround Evan Mathis, the team was unable to come away with an offensive lineman for the second consecutive year.

Mel Kiper of ESPN didn't seem to mind giving the Eagles draft a B+.

Here's more from Kiper, of ESPN Insider:

Chip Kelly might not have the maestro he coveted to run his offense, but he didn't leave this draft empty-handed. He has put a premium on guys that will buy in, and I think he got those types and hit a couple home runs in the process. Nelson Agholor to me just screams "high floor." He's a great route runner, plucks the ball out away from his body, has the proven toughness of a return man -- you should hear Polian talk about that -- and is sneaky explosive. He can get behind defenses. I also think Eric Rowe at No. 47 overall was a steal. He is a great kid and offers up versatility (CB or S), and I thought he'd be a good value as early as the end of Round 1. Jordan Hicks was a bit of a reach, but I can see where depth need is, given the group they have at linebacker. JaCorey Shepherd was often overlooked at Kansas, but was a steady performer and certainly helps at cornerback, and though Randall Evans had a reputation that surpassed what he showed on tape, that's a good need fit in Round 6. Eagles fans feeling let down by this draft should cheer up -- they got some good pieces. If Sam Bradford is indeed the answer, they can be back in the playoffs."

In many expert opinions, the one questionable selection would be that of Texas LB Jordan Hicks in the third round. The Eagles have a surplus at that position with the acquisition of Kiko Alonso and the extension for DeMeco Ryans. Although Mychal Kendricks is on the trade block, the team will still rely on him due to injuries to the aforementioned Alonso and Ryans.

It's also likely that the Eagles will be grooming Hicks to eventually replace Ryans, Hicks is said to be a very smart defender and has experience in calling a defense on the field.

Still, the Eagles did not come away with a true safety and focused on their defensive depth in the later rounds.

As always, the Eagles did come away with 16 undrafted free agents at the conclusion of the draft and invited a Jersey native to camp.