The Phillies first big move of this offseason was acquiring Jean Segura from the Mariners in a deal that sent Carlos Santana and JP Crawford to Seattle.  Segura, a two-time All-Star, brings stability to a team that was lacking consistency in their lineup in 2017.  Segura has a .300 or better Batting Average each of the last three season while posting at least a .415 Slugging Percentage each year.  Even though Segura has 750 Games Started at Shortstop, he can also play Second Base where he has 133 Career Starts.

USA Today MLB Insider Bob Nightengale joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday discussing how the acquisition of Jean Segura impacts the Phillies' offseason moving forward:

"Now (after) getting (Jean) Segura from the Mariners, getting (Bryce) Harper makes more sense.  Since you are moving (Rhys) Hoskins to First Base, now you have a bigger need for an Outfield spot. - I think the only team that could really jump in there and hurt (the Phillies) plans if the Dodgers have that serious of an offer over 300, 350 million dollars just for getting closer to his hometown in Vegas. Otherwise, I don’t see why he’d go to the Chicago White Sox, and I don’t see any other team being involved for that kind of money....Harper would have a president over Machado; Manny Machado wants to play Shortstop and Segura is playing short, so they could go a number of different directions.  If you want a Third Baseman, go get a Mike Moustakas at a much cheaper rate - I think Harper, just the fact that he’s a corner Outfielder, the fact that Hoskins is now playing First Base, would be a much bigger priority.”

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