As the Phillies prepare to start the 2019 season, the offseason additions of All-Stars Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutcheon, Jean Segura, JT Realmuto, and David Robertson have overshadowed the reality that the Phillies already have one of the rising young talents in Baseball.  Rhys Hoskins through his first 203 games of his MLB career has more RBI (144) than Aaron Judge (139) and Kris Bryant (139) along with Hoskins having more Home Runs (52) than Bryant (39) and Cody Bellinger (51).  Also, Hoskins performance in last year's Home Run Derby showcased his talent on national stage and proved that he is one of the best sluggers in the game today. Sports Columnist Marcus Hayes joined The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed Rhys Hoskins importance to the Phillies:

"Let’s not forget one of the guys who make this (team's) relevance possible (is) Rhys Hoskins.  Rhys Hoskins almost beat Bryce Harper in the (2018) Home Run Derby; This guy is a spectacular talent and I think we don’t appreciate him quite enough and I don’t think Bryce Harper comes here without Rhys Hoskins being here.  Not because they are buddies but because he understands Rhys Hoskins is kind of the straw (that) stirs the drink. What those two guys can do at the ages of 25 and 26 for the next 10 years - You think about a team that when the opposition comes in, they are just terrified to face (Harper and Hoskins).  It’s amplified if they can secure J.T. Realmuto after next season, he’s arbitration eligible....If they can extend him as an elite catcher for five or six years, this could be a spectacular lineup for a long time.”

Hear what Hayes had to say about Andrew McCutcheon's value to the 2019 Phillies, perspective on the Sixers, Brett Brown as Head Coach, and more

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