One of the topics that many Sixers' fans are passionate about and has debated for hours on our radio stations over the last few years is Brett Brown.  Brown has been the Head Coach in Philadelphia for seven seasons despite the 76ers having three different General Managers during Brown's tenure.

If we overlook Brown's first few seasons when the team was "tanking" to get the best draft picks, since Joel Embiid started playing in the 2016-17 season, Brett Brown has a 170-141 record.

Since the 2016-17 season, Brown has more regular season wins than NBA Head Coaches who have won Championships like the Heat's Erik Spoelstra (165) and the Mavs' Rick Carlisle (130).

Over the last three seasons, two of the three years the 76ers are Top Six in the NBA in Defensive Rating (2017-18, 2019-20) and the third season they were 15th (2018-19). Also in two of those three seasons the Sixers finished top 12 in the NBA in Offensive Rating (2017-18, 2018-19).

So the analytics says the 76ers under Brett Brown are a very good basketball team and the fact that the team went seven games with the eventual NBA Champion Raptors last year's postseason says a lot about how far the team have grown from their 28-54 season just three years ago.

Former NBA Scout Bryan Oringher joined Josh Hennig on Monday with his perspective on Brett Brown and the 76ers Offense:

"I think a lot of the criticisms are really unfair, Brett Brown is definitely around the top ten or so coaches in (the NBA).  When you look at his body of work, just taking (the Sixers) from the absolute bottom, those ten win season, to some how maintain positivity and keep his sanity and stay with that group and 'The Process' and keep working on things was an incredible testament to just sticking with it.  - People criticize things like (Brown's) playbook or he has too small of a playbook; But the people that really know Basketball know that Brett Brown has a really in-depth playbook its just really hard to run a lot of things with a Point Guard who can't shoot....Overall, I think (Brown) has a really good approach to the game, he is honest and real with guys and demands accountability, makes them play defense and I think most nights they're one of the hardest playing teams in the NBA."

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