While the Eagles after 14 games still rank eighth in the NFL in Points Against Per Game (19.9), the defense has allowed 29.3 Points Per Game over the last three weeks, with two of those teams averaging less per game than the Eagles' defense allowed in their matchups (Giants at 16.3 Points Per Game and Seahawks at 22.9).  The Eagles will finish their season playing the Raiders and Cowboys, two teams with Pro Bowl Quarterbacks (Derek Carr and Dak Prescott) along with Pro Bowl Wide Receivers (Amari Cooper and Dez Bryant).

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joins The Sports Bash on Monday discussing the playoff bound Eagles and their defense:

“I thought the defense would be what the team’s going to rely on until (Nick) Foles got up to speed – Kind of concerns me because I really thought the defense would play a lot better, especially against a divisional opponent and understanding that they have to be the rock for this team as they go into the playoffs.  We need to have this defense playing at a level that they could stop anybody because there are going to be sometimes where (opposing teams) are going to have Foles number and we need the defense to shut things down….Foles is a guy who’s a facilitator and from this point on he’s got to get the ball into the hands of his weapons.”

Checkout what Brooks had to say about Nick Foles, Jim Schwartz, and his breakdown of the Eagles win over the Giants

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