After Sunday's win over the Rams in Los Angeles, Nick Foles has a 4-2 regular season record as the Eagles starting Quarterback over the last two seasons and has again proven that he is more than just the best Backup Quarterback in the NFL.  The Eagles have re-ignited the hope of the fan base that the team has a shot at the postseason now that the team's record stands at 7-7 heading into the final 2 games of the season.  Over the last two season, Foles has shown that he is statistically a better postseason Quarterback than regular season player: In the regular season Foles has a 63.1 Completion Percentage with Six Touchdowns and Four Interceptions compared to the playoffs when Foles had a 72.6 Completion Percentage with Six Touchdowns and One Interception. NFL Insider KC Joyner joined Mike Gill on Monday discussing what he saw from Nick Foles in his start versus the Rams in NFL Week 15:

“I didn’t like when (Nick) Foles had that interception where (the Eagles) had a combination there and he didn’t see the defensive back reading up on it, I think (Foles) starred in that area too long and that led the defensive back to the ball.  That sort of thing is what you’re going to get out of (Foles) but…we’ve talked about (the Eagles) haven’t had explosive plays and you’re going to have the interceptions you’re going to get occasionally from him because he’s going to take some more chances.  Although Foles has been pretty good in that area in the past, you’re going to have (Interceptions) but you’re going to trade that for big plays.  – The Eagles needed that, they needed their Quarterback to say ‘I’m going to make a lot of big plays, I might make some picks but I’m going to make big plays’; I think Wentz  had gotten too far to the side of being safe and that’s not what the Eagles needed.”

Checkout what Joyner had to say about the differences between Foles and Wentz at Quarterback, Doug Pederson's Play Calling, play of the Eagles Defense, and analysis of NFL Week 15 results

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