It's been less than a month that Chip Kelly took the position of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach and already the masses are questioning every move he's made.The skeptics don't need much time to question his assistant coaching hires and their lack of success, his own lack of NFL experience, whether his offense will translate from college to the pros, and most recently he and the organizations decision to restructure Michael Vick's contract in bringing him back for the upcoming year.

While some may want to rush to judgement and see no hope for the upcoming season, I see the beginning of a new regime in philadelphia with a strong leader, willing to think outside the box and make tough decisions that won't always please the masses. Someone who wants to change the culture of this franchise and help to bring it back to the top of the NFL elite where it belongs.

Wake up eagles fans, Chip Kelly isn't Andy Reid, far from it, and he isn't your "normal" NFL coach either, get used to it. He stands in front of you, confident in his abilities, but also willing to listen to others and open to new ideas, hoping to evolve his own coaching style. He loves to try those things that other coaches won't, he wants to be on the cutting edge of all things football, both mentally and physically, and believes strong relationships and great chemistry among coaches and players is the most important part of a winning franchise. Anything wrong with this picture so far?? I didn't think so.

He says he always has and will continue to adapt his offense and defense to the personnel he has and doesn't like labels when trying to explain his schemes. He says simply, "I want to get the ball in the end zone as much as possible, it doesn't matter to me whether it's on the ground or in the air".

Yes, his assistant coach hires aren't sexy and yes, there are questions about whether Michael Vick has anything left. But there is no question about Chip Kelly's football IQ and the numbers show that he's been a winner at every level he's coached. So why don't we, as a fan base, cut him some slack and give him a little more time before we overreact like we usually do here in philadelphia. After all, training camp is still more than six months away, and I suspect a few more changes will come. So why not take a chance and believe that the new man in charge actually knows what he's doing.

In Chip Kelly I trust, and I think you should too.