Phillies' manager Charlie Manuel has used Shane Victorino all over the lineup (first, second and fifth) in the early going and will likely continue to tinker until the offense shows some signs of life.

The question is are they trying to make one of the teams best hitters be something he is not some days.

ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst and former Phillies first baseman John Kruk joined the show and said the Phillies' coaching staff seems reluctant to change their approach.

Victorinio is a guy who has speed and can create havoc on the bases.  He has most of his major league at-bats hitting in the two-hole, hitting .289 and scoring 304 runs.  His next most appearances come in the lead-off spot, where he  a .259 average and 127 runs.  The problem is he is being asked to change his approach almost everyday.  Is he a on-base guy or a run producer?

While Manuel has moved Victorino all over the line-up, it doesn't seem to be working.  Victorino hit a career high 18 home runs in 2008 but the Phillies are counting on him to be a run producer in this year's anemic offense.

At some point though, when do the offense's troubles go back to their hitting-guru manager Manuel?  They have fired Milt Thompson and still the offense has struggled since the middle of 2009.  So what's the next move to help jump-start the offense?

Maybe the manger?  Doubtful.