After the Los Angeles Rams only scored three points versus the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, there are questions about if Rams' Head Coach Sean McVay really deserves the "Offensive Genius" label that has been assigned to him by many people in the media and around the NFL.  By contrast, Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson was the play caller when Philadelphia scored 41 points versus the Patriots Defense in Super Bowl 52.  Pederson is 4-1 in the postseason as a Head Coach and his offense is averaging 24.8 Points Per Game along with 375.6 Total Yards Per Game.  McVay is 2-2 in the postseason as a Head Coach and his offense is underwhelming, averaging 18 Points Per Game along with 364.5 Total Yards Per Game. NFL Insider KC Joyner joined The Sports Bash on Monday and gave his perspective on Sean McVay as a play caller compared to Doug Pederson:

"(Sean) McVay has a system - They play those condensed sets of the receivers, (the Rams are) usually using what they call 11-personnel (which is) one running back, one tight end, three receivers, and they do a lot of things with that.  But I think also when the Rams lost Cooper Kupp, he gave them a third receiver that was able to allow them to stretch the field....Josh Reynolds is just a big drop off and I think that started to limit their offense. Once that happened and you had (Todd) Gurley come out of the lineup...their offense went into a completely different direction.  I think (Doug) Pederson, if you gave him that same set of talent, (he) would be doing more with it.  He wouldn’t just be leaning on the same concepts and the same type of structure, I think  he’d be trying to do more with it. - I would take Pederson's play calling over McVay.”

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