The 76ers have held Center Jahlil Okafor out of the lineup for the last two games due to potentially trading him.  Rumors have circulated about interest from various teams but no deal has been finalized as of Tuesday afternoon.

Yahoo Sports' The Vertical NBA Front Office Insider Bobby Marks worked in the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets Front Office for 20 years; he joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on the Okafor situation:

"Well it's interesting regarding Okafor because I don't recall a player ever being held out of (multiple games) with the reason being he was involved in trade discussions.  When I was (with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, we) held players out of a game when there's been a frame work of a deal that's been agreed upon or maybe we couldn't do the trade call until the next day and we held a player out that night.  But to hold (Okafor) out of games is a little bit confusing there, certainly assumes that he will be moved if not by the end of the week here, by time of the (NBA Trade Deadline) next Thursday.  It's a matter of what his value is right now, is he worth a first round pick?  Certainly but you have to remember, he was the third pick in the overall draft and this year's draft you wont be able to get that return here.  So it is interesting as far as what you do with Okafor."

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