NBA Draft

Sixers Select Grant Riller in Latest Mock Draft
With the NBA on a rushed timeline, it is not too soon to start talking about the NBA draft. Although the Sixers’ potential first-round pick is not set in stone, they have been mocked to draft a different player from previous mocks. 
In the latest mock draft, the OKC pick does con…
A Look at the Sixers First-Round Picks the Past 20 Years
The Sixers went through "The Process" because they were stuck in mediocrity, while they didn't hit on on their picks, some of the names you'll recognize, some you won't, some never suited up and some were traded away immediately, but it was an interesting group of players ta…
Sports Bash NBA Draft Party!
Details on how you can win a suite for a Sixers game this coming season, plus for one quarter of the game you'll sit with the radio voice of the Sixers Tom McGinnis as he calls the all action on 97.3 ESPN!!

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