Pat Neshek made his first appearance for the Phillies in 2018 on Sunday after he started the season on the Disabled List; Neshek signed a 2 year deal worth $16.2 Million contract with Philadelphia this offseason with a Club Option for 2020.  Neshek was the Phillies' All-Star representative in 2017 before trading him to Colorado for three minor league prospects.  In 495 games, Neshek has a career 2.74 ERA and with Nine Strikeouts Per Nine Innings. Phillies Beat Reporter Scott Lauber joined The Sports Bash on Monday discussing what Pat Neshek brings to the Phillies Bullpen which has a 4.21 ERA so far this season:

“They think it’s a huge addition, both Kapler and Klentak have said within the past two or three weeks that Neshek is probably as good a bullpen piece as any team is going to add before July 31st and if he pitches the way he pitched last year that’s certainly true.  One thing we know about him is he’s a little finicky in terms of how he’s used and how much he wants to pitch in different situations – I don’t know how that’s going to play in the roleless Gabe Kapler Bullpen, but I do think Neshek is unique in the way he pitches, the delivery, the effect he has on hitters because they just see guys come from that angle (often).  So maybe (Neshek) is the piece that they need to deepen the bullpen and round it out; the bullpen is one area where they can afford to sit tight probably until really close to (July) 31st and sort of see how that bullpen (trade) market shakes out, see how Neshek pitches, see how the health of the rest of the bullpen is.”

Checkout what Lauber had to say about Phillies as Playoff Contenders, Gabe Kapler's handling of the Bullpen and daily Lineup, along with more perspective on Phillies ahead of All-Star break

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