Before being named the Eagles Head Coach, Doug Pederson had no previous NFL Head Coaching experience.  After a 10-year NFL career as a Backup Quarterback, Pederson was a High School Head Coach in Louisiana for four years before being hired to join Andy Reid's coaching staff in 2009.  While he has been a Quarterbacks Coach and Offensive Coordinator, the Eagles are his first opportunity to be the coaching CEO at the NFL level.

Dave Weinberg of the Press of Atlantic City has covered the Eagles for 24 years joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and gave his impressions of the Rookie Head Coach:

"I just get this feeling somehow that he's in over his head a little bit, that he's almost going on the fly, like there's questions that he's not prepared for sometimes, that he kind of stumbles over.  I assume it's going to turn out okay, the fact he spent so much time learning under Andy Reid.  But I just can't get past the fact that the Eagles are the only team that interviewed him, that he wasn't sought after like some of the other guys and that just makes me wonder if he is really ready for this....Doug's the Head Coach and he's got to make sure he puts his stamp on this.  I actually sat down with him a couple days ago for just a one on one interview and he was saying how he's aware of that, that he knows this is his team and wants people to realize that."

Hear what Weinberg had to say about Eagles Wide Receiver situation, analysis of Linebacker Corps, and his bold prediction for Sam Bradford's 2016 season

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