An unusual line of lights in the night sky Tuesday caught the attention of many people around Cape May County. What was it? UFO's?  Aliens? Chinese weather balloons?

The Cape May Sherriff's Office has offered an explanation.

Did You See the Lights over Cape May County on Tuesday?

The question everyone will be asking at work on Wednesday has to do with that trail of lights in the sky around Cape May May County on Tuesday night. What the heck was that?

The sight was so mysterious that Brian Foster from Wildwood shot a video of the lights and created a YouTube video titled, "UFO Fleet Over Cape May County NJ!"

Not so fast, Brian.

Cape May Sheriff's Office Has an Explanation

The Cape May Sheriff's Office posted about the unusual lights in the sky late Tuesday evening saying they had been getting many inquiries about the sight.

The Sheriff's Office says the lights were from several small planes following each other in a flight path from Cape May Airport in Rio Grande to the Ocean View area of Cape May County and back.

This was a part of an FAA study of new airport lighting, according to a Facebook post from the Sheriff's Office, who added that there is no need to be concerned by the lights.

There is the possibility that the test will continue Wednesday into Wednesday night.

More Information About the Airport Lights Testing

The FAA is studying how solar-powered lighting and signs along runways and taxiways could improve airfield visibility at night and during bad weather at smaller and general aviation airports, such as Cape May Airport, according to

The FAA hopes the project will provide a cost comparison between installing and operating these solar airfield devices compared to conventionally powered equipment.

If you miss Tuesday night's lights in the Cape May sky, you can watch Brian Foster's video below.

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