After the second week of Eagles OTAs there is still some trepidation about the Eagles' Quarterback situation.  While players and coaches have been dismissive about the Bradford-Eagles saga from weeks ago, there is still the perception that everyone has not "Kissed and Made Up".

ESPN NFL Analyst and Former Eagles Quarterback Ron Jaworski was a guest on The Sports Bash on Friday and talked about public perception of Sam Bradford:

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

"It's not behind anybody in my opinion, once that can of worms was opened as you say where Sam (Bradford) decided after signing his contract not to honor that contract and skip some voluntary workouts I think upset a lot of people in this town. I believe Sam Bradford and Tom Condon miscalculated this town and this community and it's passion for the game. They didn't understand this a Blue Collar community that wants people to go out there and earn their money every single day, that there is no entitlement to be the starting Quarterback for a year, a game or ten years, you have to go out and play. I think the fact that he had signed that contract, didn't honor the sanctity of the contract, demanded to be traded, didn't show up to the mini camps although voluntary, I think set a real bad example. I believe the Quarterback is more than just a Quarterback of the team, he's the face of the team, he's the face of the organization, he's the face of the city. And I don't think the people in this community want Sam Bradford to be the face of this football team. Now that's going to put an ordinate amount of pressure on him."

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