There wasn't much for the Philadelphia 76ers to brag about after Game 1 in the series against the Toronto Raptors. As a team who hasn't won a game in Toronto since 2012, the Sixers were expected to come out firing during the first game of the second round. Instead, they engaged in a shootout with the second-seed and weren't offensively prepared to take the Raptors on.

In other words, the Sixers were bad. While their defense wasn't great, it was surprisingly their strong point. On offense, the Sixers didn't have their usual suspects contributing the way they usually would. Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris contributed to 14 points apiece, and Joel Embiid was surprisingly struggling throughout the night going 5-for-18 from the field and putting up 16 total points.

Surprisingly, Sixers' veteran guard JJ Redick was the lone star on the offense, thanks to his ability to heat up from long range. Redick led the Sixers in scoring on Saturday with a team-high of 17 points. He knocked down five of his 12 attempted long-range shots, and at one point was proving to be the leader of the Sixers' attempt to remain in the game and keep it close. Unfortunately, Redick had to cool down after getting visibly frustrated during a few physical plays, which went unnoticed by the referees.

However, what didn't go unnoticed by anybody was the fact that Redick got popped in the mouth, which busted his lip open. There was a foul on Danny Green, but nobody viewed it is intentional. And when the flow of the game remained physical, and Redick got called for a foul himself, he lost his cool on the referee, which left Brett Brown with no choice but to send the veteran to the bench for some time while he took care of his lip and relaxed for a moment.

Redick ended up getting the Raptors an additional foul shot after getting called for a technical foul. Typically, the veteran guard knows better, but the flow of the game was making him frustrated. Redick did his team zero favors as he had to come out after he was heating up from the beyond the arc. Fortunatley, he recognized his wrongdoing and not only cooled down afterward but even got on good terms with the referees after the loss.

"Sometimes when you get hit in the face a couple of times, you black out for a second,” Redick told the media on Saturday regarding the altercation with the refs. He says that he apologized for his actions, as it was unprofessional and detrimental to his team.

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