Philadelphia Eagles fans started early in the parking lots outside Lincoln Financial Field, and even let Los Angels Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa have it before the game.

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Bosa, the older brother of 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa, was seen by a bunch of Eagles fans as he was about to enter the stadium.

As Bosa is about to enter the stadium, a group of Eagles fans spot him and immediately begin to shout his name.

Bosa! Bosa! Bosa! The fan yelled over and over.

When are the Chargers playing? The fan asked.

"What are you snap chatting your little butt buddies?" Bosa asked.

The fan answered, "no, I'm filming the guy who isn't playing today."

"Neither are you," Bosa shouted back.

When the fan asked how the fines were, Bosa said "good, I can afford them, I'm rich, you broke bitch."

Not a great look for Bosa.

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