On Saturday night Josh Huff showcased what he can do in Doug Pederson's offense as he had 2 Catches and 2 Carries for 70 Total Yards from Scrimmage and a Touchdown.  Pederson had told reporters previously the team was installing plays to utilize Huff in the offense; so is what we saw Saturday night a preview of what's to come in 2016?

ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner, "The Football Scientist", joined Josh Hennig on Monday and discussed Josh Huff's role in the Eagles offense in 2016:

"You can take a Gadget Player like that and find a certain role for him.  Say they like (Jordan) Matthews be the Slot Receiver, they have (Dorial) Green-Beckham be the vertical guy, have (Zach) Ertz to be their Tight End they can do a number of things with and can even flex Ertz out, and now you got Huff who can essentially be a running back out on the edge, just a perimeter guy out there and can run those bubble screens, adds one more element out there.  The thing I would like to see though is if he does those things, if that's all he can do, then when he is out there on the Bubble Screen does the defense know this is all this guy can do?  I'd like to have seen them find as many ways as they can to incorporate him in the offense because if you can find three, four, five, six different things he might be able to do, given the position he lines up in, now he's not going to give away what he's doing just where he is because he's kind of limited in some ways."

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