In Sunday's loss to the Redskins, Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz had arguably his worst game of his career.  The erratic play by the offensive line and inconsistent gains on running plays put Wentz in many 3rd Down and Long situations as he finished 11 for 22 Passing with 179 Yards with 0 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions.  While not throwing any turnovers is a good thing, some of his erratic throws did remind some people of his idol: Hall of Famer Brett Favre.  Favre had a similar game during his first season starting for the Packers in October of 1992 where Favre went 20 for 33 Passing for 223 Yards with 0 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions in an ugly loss to the Browns. NFL Insider KC Joyner was a guest on The Sports Bash on Monday discussed how Wentz looked like Favre on Sunday and what Wentz and Eagles need to improve on:

"People have been talking ‘oh, he is the next Brett Favre’ was some of the comparisons being made.  He definitely looked like Favre yesterday when Favre used to, in the first quarter of ball games, you would see him rocketing balls everywhere. All these rocket balls, all these overthrown passes and such. He would be very fired up and rattled and the team would have to settle him down.  You could see early in the game that Wentz was getting very intense and fired up....I know (Eagles) don’t have the fastest people, but Washington has people in their secondary you can go after and if you don’t try and go after those players then I think you’re conceding....Wentz has to go vertical because the defenses are just going to let him dink and dunk all day long.”

Hear Joyner's analysis of Eagles defense and offensive line struggles in the loss along with perspective on Giants and Cowboys wins on Sunday

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