At around 4:15 on Saturday afternoon the Philadelphia Eagles will take the field in Dallas potentially with an improbable opportunity to climb back to within striking distance in the NFC East race. We know what the conversation is like around Eagles fans, writers, and players. The 34-7 victory in October, along with back-t0-back victories over Miami and New York have given the team and fan base a new sense of confidence. How about the chatter out of Dallas?

Here is a sampling of what is being said in and around the Cowboys as we get ready for the Christmas Eve showdown in Big D:

On Jason Babin's 18-sack season, including two against Tyron Smith in October: "Like a lot of really good rushers around the league they try to [block him] a lot of different ways," coach Jason Garrett said. "They try to block him with a tackle and try to put a tight end over there. You put a back over there and then two tight ends over there. They slide [blocking] to [his side] and slide it away from him. They do lots of different things, he’s an awfully good pass rusher."

On the injuries to the backfield which have left banged up Felix Jones as a diminished option and recently signed Sammy Morris with an opportunity: “It just shows you how fast things can change,” Morris said. “I thought my life was going in this direction, and it ends up going in the other direction. You just never know what you are going to get, and you just got to be prepared for whatever does happen.”

On the 34-7 loss in Philly and owner Jerry Jones comments about being "scared" of this Eagle team: "We obviously took a tough loss to the Eagles last time," quarterback Tony Romo said when asked about Jones' comments. "So we know this team is dangerous. We have to play a great game out here to get a win. I know we've approached it that way. We're excited about going and playing those guys."

On where Eagles back LeSean McCoy ranks among the league's elite: “I don’t understand why he’s not talked about as the best back in this league,” Keith Brooking said. “I mean, I’m sure you can argue a couple of guys, but he’s right there at the top.”

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