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Here is today’s show: Wednesday October 10th, 2012

DeSean on Special Teams?

A little Lions and DeSean Jackson on special teams talk in this opening segment. Todd Ranck is clamoring for the Eagles to put DeSean Jackson back on punt return duties to just provide a spark of some sort. The coverage has been awful the last few games and with the Eagles being involved in so many close games, field position becomes vital.

Weaver Wednesday

Former All-Pro and Eagles FB Leonard Weaver called in at 2:30 for a Weaver Wednesday. Mike and Todd talk with Weaver about the fumble problems of Mike Vick and what he thinks as a former player when he sees Vick scramble out of the pocket, he says to "go back to the basics" and have Vick work with the running backs when they work on fumble drills. Weaver also says to give Vick an opportunity to change the protection schemes with a new offensive line:

Fine 5/Ugly 5

Wednesdays at 2:45 Mike Gill and Todd Ranck give their 5 best and 5 worst teams in the NFL:

Sheil Kapadia

At 3:05 we talk with Eagles 24/7 Sheil Kapadia about what he saw on the Eagles/Steelers game over the weekend. Kapadia says the Eagles special teams has been terrible, both on coverage and the return ability of Damaris Johnson and Brandon Boykin. Also, on the lack of sacks: the defensive line needs to play better, they did not provide much of a push at all on Sunday. Read more about Sheil Kapadia.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL red contacts from Bryce Harper?

2. BUY or SELL asking Woody Johnson if Tim Tebow is a virgin?

Top Tweets

It's a Wednesday edition of Top Tweets!

Vick against other No.1 Picks

In this segment Mike and Todd go over a list of past QBs who were drafted  No. 1 overall and compared Mike Vick's career to them. Went over names such as: Drew Bledsoe, Jeff George and Carson Palmer. His prison sentence aside Vick has performed well when compared to these names.

5 Questions

1. Do you agree or disagree with Scott Fujita?

2. Has Lance Armstrong and lawyers lost all credibility?

3. Do you trust Chase Utley will be ready for Spring Training?

4. Would you be disturbed if someone brought a Teddy Bear to work?

5. How excited are you for Sixers/Magic?

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