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Here is today’s show: Tuesday October 2nd, 2012

Leonard Weaver on Eagles

We kicked off "Weaver Wednesday's" today on The Sportsbash with former Eagles FB Leonard Weaver. He will join us every Wednesday during the football season at 2:30. Weaver talked about what he saw on Sunday night against the Giants and the game-plan of running the ball with LeSean McCoy. Weaver also previews the Steelers game and what the Eagles will need to do on defense against Big Ben.

Ugly 5/Fine 5

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck give their ugliest and finest teams in the NFL heading into Week 5.

Jersey Sales

Gave away some Rutgers Football tickets to some callers who could guess the top selling jerseys in the NFL, according to SBJ.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Phillies season as glass half full?

2. BUY or SELL ever talking enough Tim Tebow?

3. BUY or SELL today as Teddy Roosevelt finally winning his race?

4. BUY or SELL LoLo Jones and Eric LeGrande?

Top Tweets

It's a mid-week edition of Top Tweets!

The Real Rudy

At 4:30 we had Rudy Ruettiger on (not Sean Astin) to talk about his new book coming out. Talked about his journey of getting to Notre Dame and about having a movie made about his life. He is now an author and motivational speaker talking about that journey. Also, talks about playing with now famed QB Joe Montana and how he got his opportunity as a freshman.

5 Questions

1. Are the Phillies right for firing some of these coaches?

2. NBA anti-flopping rules?

3. Out of the 3 Steelers, who will have biggest impact on Sunday?

4. Who is the most underrated team in the NFL?

5. Favorite balloon animal?

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