While the NFL world awaits a pending arrest warrant for Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, his high profile attorney has proclaimed his innocence.

Not only that, but his attorney, Dennis Cogan, has stated that McCoy was sober at the time of the incident.

Cogan, who spoke to The Buffalo News, said that McCoy was sober and "did nothing wrong" during the nightclub incident that left multiple off-duty Philadelphia police officers injured and sent to the hospital.

"We trust that they are really taking time to consider all the surrounding circumstances,” Cogan said regarding the lingering investigation. “But I’m here to say and I’m telling you that McCoy did nothing wrong, nothing wrong. And he was sober. The questions will have to be asked about the conditions of other people.”

The other people include Philadelphia native and former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley who was with McCoy and others at the nightclub brawl which was reportedly over a bottle a champagne.

While no charges have been filed, a source told Vic Carucci that a press conference is expected to be held soon to talk further about the investigation.

As PFT points out, this was simply a bar fight, one sided at that, so the prosecutors office could have it's hands tied with what they can bring forward depending what information they have been provided with.

The NFL can issue their own punishment, of course, which could come in the form of a suspension.

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