The ongoing battle between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association continues.  This time, it was MLB offering another proposal to the players.  It was not favorably met by the players, to say the least.  The MLBPA has insisted from the start that they will not budge from a March 26 agreement to play for pro-rated salaries.  The latest proposal includes just that.

Despite this "movement towards player demands", the reception was not great. Phillies outfielder 
Andrew McCutchen offered a succinct, but telling tweet:

Jeff Passan of ESPN tweets that the players have until Wednesday to counter.

Could the latter take place?

It seems clear that the MLBPA does not wish to move off of the pro-rated salaries promised to players in the March 26 agreement.  The question will likely come down to how much of a loss MLB will be willing to take on a temporary basis to re-start baseball.  Should baseball not begin over a labor dispute, the outrage from fans could lead them to pursue other active sports options with their dollar.


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