Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had the chance to backtrack, but instead he cemented his position on head coach Andy Reid. The 14-year head coach was put on notice, although nothing really changed.  Lurie already expressed his displeasure with last year’s 8-8 season and the need for Reid to improve, so why delve into it again now?

“I think we all know we’ve had a terrific run and he’s been a great coach,” Lurie said. “This is an opportunity for the football team to have a terrific season. At the same time I think I’m looking at it in a way where professionally we tend to put our resources into everything we can think of to make the team better. Whether that’s scouting changes, coaching changes, player transactions, [or] different approaches in different ways you will always try for that.”

“It goes beyond that, but there’s no question [that] what I said was we need substantial improvement,” Lurie later said. “We have a very good team I think on paper and paper doesn’t get you that far if you don’t maximize it. I’m so excited about this season. I think everybody in the organization and the fan base is very excited but it’s a difficult league and I think you have to beat the other teams that are very good.”

Lurie was then asked if that meant that Reid would not get a contract extension prior to the end of this season.  Reid will be entering his final year in 2013.

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