The Phillies are 3-5 this season heading into action on Monday Night but the biggest topic swirling around this team is the numerous questions about the first year Manager Gabe Kapler.  Starting on Opening Day with his controversial decision to pull Aaron Nola early from the game to players anonymously expressing concerns about the Manager along with Kapler being booed at Citizens Bank Park, Kapler has been under a critical spotlight from day one.  One of the main reasons Kapler was hired by the Phillies' Front Office was because of his background with Player Development in the Dodgers organization along with Kapler's faith in modern Baseball Analytics and Sabermetrics.

11-Year Phillies Slugger and member of the 1980 World Series Championship team Greg Luzinski joined Josh Hennig on Saturday with his perspective on Gabe Kapler as Phillies' Manager:

“Most managers are brought in as fits to your ball club and I’ve noticed in the last couple days there’s been some comments by players and it’s not going to be the first comments or the last comments, they’re going to happen again and part of it is the system.  Gabe Kapler was brought in here to use Sabermetrics and Analytics, Philadelphia was last in Sabermetrics and Analytics….You need to know how to use those, you can’t consistently let those make your lineup, make a pitching change and things of that nature because actually in the first (games this season) we’ve seen where Sabermatrics and Analytics haven’t worked for this ball club.  You can look at teams that have been successful with Analytics and Sabermetrics but (those) teams have the horses, when it comes down to it you look at a Houston (Astros) team – They got eight guys who go out on that field every day that can thump the ball.  So it’s a big difference in how you use it and who you use it with.”

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