Finally: There may be some discussions towards a resumption of Major League Baseball.   With pitchers and catchers scheduled to report to their respective camps in Arizona and Florida in just about a month, time is running out for a deal to get done to end the MLB-imposed lockout that began at the conclusion of business on December 1 at the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement.   According to a report, there may finally be some negotiations towards an agreement.

Other issues had been discussed in the past.

Among the financial issues up for discussion are reportedly an expanded playoffs (which of course is a big moneymaker for owners), while players note that average salaries have decreased and a smaller share of the revenue is going to the players.   Other, smaller issues such as the implementation of a universal designated hitter are also part of discussions.

The offseason paused with a very busy free agency in the days leading up to the lockout.  But there is much work for teams such as the Phillies to do.  The Phillies do not have a stated reporting date for pitchers and catchers, but the date traditionally is February 14 or February 15.

The Phillies have to date made just a couple moves, signing reliever Corey Knebel and utility infielder Johan Camargo.


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