Jordan Matthews had no doubt that the Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz would have the confidence to throw to him after dropping the first ball throw his way in the first quarter.

“It was an alright day," Matthews said. "I don’t really dwell on any of the negatives or anything like that. It’s all stuff that you learn from, but like you said, you don’t take losses if you learn from them. So I just have to put it behind me and keep playing.”

After the drop, the Eagles got a breakout game from third year wideout as he finished with seven catches for 114 yards and one touchdown in the Eagles' Week 1 win over the Browns.

The score showed his ability to get open, running a corner route, Matthews easily beat his man which gave the Eagles the early lead and made some other great catches to help the Eagles earn the win.

Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz said he practiced that play with Matthews during the week and knew he would be open.

"I knew he would get a good release and beat his guy.," Wentz stated. "And that’s what he did and I just threw it out there and gave him a chance and he made a heck of a play.”

When the Eagles released both Ruben Randle and Chris Givens, as they trimmed their roster to the final 53, it was obvious to see that the Eagles were putting more trust in their young receivers, allowing them to grow together, a group which includes Matthews and second year-man Nelson Agholor.

Even though 2016 is just his third NFL season, Matthews finds himself as the elder statesman in the Eagles locker room among the wideouts. He summed up Agholor’s game and what it meant to the team.

"I feel like Nelson came out and played a great game," Matthews said. "To make that play on that type of corner then you have to have the mindset that he’s working on his craft. He’s not worried about the fact that that’s one of the best corners in the league against him."

Agholor got another vote of confidence from his quarterback.

“That was huge," Wentz said about the touchdown pass to Agholor. "Obviously staying on the field was huge and then we took a shot right away. When Coach [Doug Pederson] called it, I was pretty excited. And Nelson right off the ball just killed his guy. He had a great release. I just put it out there for him and he was running. It was great.”

While Mattthews put up some nice numbers, but he isn't allowing himself to get too excited, acknowledging that its time to focus and move on to next week and get ready for the Bears.  

"It’s only one game," Matthew acknowledged. "I like to be excited and go out here to win games, but last year we did great in preseason and everyone basically handed us the preseason Lombardi. It means nothing."

"Then we went out and didn’t do as well as we should in the regular season, and it’s all for naught. I’d rather rest on the mindset of going out here and playing as hard as you can. Win, lose, or draw you have correct it and put it behind you.  We didn’t just come out here and do something crazy. We came out here and played football. We were able to get a win, now we have to go out and get another.”