Jake Thompson getting the start Saturday is another example of the Phillies' depth of pitching in their organization.  With Vincent Velasquez, Jared Eickoff, and now Thompson at the Major League level, Aaron Nola on the DL, and several pitchers in the Minor Leagues, the future looks bright for the Phillies with their pitching.  But what about the offense?  Phillies in 2016 have scored the 2nd fewest runs in Major League Baseball and outside of a handful of hitters, the team lacks consistent production.

Jack McCaffery of the Delaware County Daily Times joined Mike Gill Friday and explained why the Phillies should be open to trading their pitchers:

"For value I would trade anybody and that includes Velasquez. If I could get value for him I would....They need offense in the worst way. I don't want to be cavalier here and say they have plenty of pitching because you can never have enough pitching. They have Nola and Thompson and Eflin, and Eickhoff and maybe Hellickson. They have other guys, you should have enough there that if you can get some sturdy young bats for Vince Velasquez, to me that is good baseball management. The Phillies need offense in the worst way and they have done a really good job of putting together a young pitching staff, but they can’t be afraid to move one of these young pitchers now to bring back multiple bats."

Checkout what McCaffery had to say about the Phillies' organization perspective on Aaron Altherr along with his observations of Eagles Camp and the physicality at practices