Dr. Bob Gibbs

Robert Collin Gibbs, also known as "Dr. Bob" or "Dr.Gibbs" was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1956. In his early years, Bob excelled in sports, playing basketball, football, and baseball. However, it was in high school where he fully pursued basketball. Bob graduated from Hatboro Horsham High School where he received a basketball scholarship to The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

In pharmacy college, Bob excelled once again in basketball scoring over 1000 points, and leading his team to several record-breaking seasons. It was also in pharmacy college where Bob learned about the intricacies of the human body, and where he first found his passion for medicine. During his senior year, Bob significantly hurt his knee in a basketball game. His father had been going to a chiropractor, and took Bob there to see if he could help. The chiropractor completely healed Bob's knee in one visit, and Bob was astonished by the miraculous healing.

After pharmacy college, Bob was stuck with the tough decision to go to medical school or chiropractic college. Bob decided to go to chiropractic college because he was so astounded by the healing he received, and he was convinced that he wanted to do the same for others. Bob

went to New York Chiropractic College and graduated in 1984. Since then, Bob has been practicing chiropractic in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

After 30 years of learning, healing, and applying his chiropractic treatments, Bob has finally landed in Ventnor, New Jersey where he is the director and chiropractor at the Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center.

Meet the Acupuncturist:

Won Yoon, L.Ac.

Won Yoon, born as the second son of a famous Gynecology doctor in south Korea, but he did not follow his father’s will for being his successor and jumped into management consulting field. Through his business trips to Asia, America, Europe, Australia,, his eyes are opened to peoples on the earth, suffering from the agony of poverty, starving and diseases. This made him decide to learn oriental medicine which is the only natural therapeutic one combined with diagnosis and practice among any other natural or alternative medicines that has mainly remained at folk medicine level in the world.

He studied the master course of oriental medicine in the Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, the first established college in the US. Before his study in the USA, he received a two year course of the fundamental oriental medicine at the the International Exchange Center of Korean Medicine Exchange in Seoul, Korea.

At the invitation of Korea Traditional Medicine Association, he went to Korea two times and received “abdominal palpation diagnosis” that is an essence of Korean and Japanese medicine evolved separately from Chinese medicine. This diagnose method is so famous for its higher treatment results, especially in herbal medicine prescriptions in three major countries of oriental medicine: China, Korea and Japan.

He served as the chairman of the Christianity Soldiers in the construction army, the representative student in his French Dept, and also the chairman of the Korean Student Association in the medicine college.

He is certificated with Dipl, of Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM, Licensed acupuncturist in California and New Jersey.

As seen in the good examples of mutual cooperation between Western and oriental medicine, which shows remarkable treatment results in China, Korea and Japan, Yoon wants to be a stepping stone to give better visible and reliable treatment to Atlantic city peoples.

He can speak English, French, Japanese and Korean to communicable extent and very enthusiastic in world music, comparative Religion study  with personal hobbies of mountain climbing ,classical guitar playing and oil painting. His diverse interests in other fields is contributing to broadening his understanding on patient environment in various society.