Needless to say, the news of Melky Cabrera's PED suspension was all bad for the Phillies.

Not only could the team have used a corner outfielder with Cabrera's (what we found out to be artificial) power, and had a few times flirted with Cabrera in particular, but plucking Cabrera from the 2012 free agent market inflates the value of the only other notables, the already presumably overpriced Josh Hamilton and Nick Swisher.

How much? In a Monday column, ESPN's Jim Bowden figured that Cabrera had set for himself a market of around $12-15 million over six years, with the possibility of a mega deal like Andre Either's $95.5 million haul from the Dodgers.

So now for the other two, we're thinking the higher end thereof. Maybe (probably?) more.

Phillies management has long maintained that the luxury tax threshold won't get in its way. Considering said way was paved when they passed on the Dodgers waiver claim of Cliff Lee (and his $24 million average salary), a reach here might not be out of the realm.

Simply, they want to win. Now. Even if it means throwing around copious amounts of cash.

Granted, they can find other ways to be wasteful. Namely, the likely-to-be-available Michael Bourn, who's so likely-to-be-available because his agent is Scott Boras and the Braves figure him out of their price range.

But ultimately, for a number of reasons (some of which we'll stash for talk later in the off-season), a blockbuster signing isn't something Phils fans should be rooting for. Though it's something they might get.