Despite a $144 million contract and a home in sunny Los Angeles, CA, Mike Trout comes back home during the off season.

I know what you're thinking: Why on earth would he stick around in this mess?

That's what Angels outfielder and Millville native did for Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend.

Jonas continued to pound the Mid-Atlantic region that delivered snow, ice, heavy winds and coastal flooding on Saturday stranding people in their homes and reeking havoc for those braving the storm on the roadways.

The 2014 AL MVP did his part by braving the storm driving around Cumberland County on Friday night and posting his journey to his Twitter account.

Trout did a solid favor for famed weatherman Jim Cantore by tagging him in the video and later called Cantore on The Weather Channel.



I'm sure many Angels fans do not approve of their star baseball player braving the elements just weeks before Spring Training is supposed to begin, but Trouty made it back just fine.

Spring Training begins for Trout and the Angels in Arizona with pitchers and catchers reporting on Feb. 18th.

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