On Thursday Millville's Mike Trout admitted he wasn't sure about playing this 60 game Major League baseball season, saying he still doesn't feel comfortable.

Trout explained that he and his wife, Jessica, have discussed the possibility of him sitting out the 2020 season as they expect their first baby to arrive in August.

“I love playing this game. We want to play,” Trout said. “It’s going to come down to how safe we’re going to be. If there’s an outbreak, you definitely have to reconsider. There’s a lot of questions. I love baseball, but I have to do what’s right for my family. It’s going to be a tough decision if something happens down the road. I think the biggest thing is, these next few weeks, if I test positive, it’s my first child, and I have to be there. If I’m positive, doctors have told me I can’t see the baby for 14 days. Jess won’t see the baby for 14 days if she tests positive. We’re going to be upset.”

Today, Phillies pitcher Zack Wheeler, who is expecting his first child later this month, admitted that he's unsure whether he will play this season after the baby is born.

Either way, per Gelb, Wheeler will miss at least two starts when his wife delivers the baby.

Wheeler, is slotted to be the Phillies No. 2 starter behind Aaron Nola, signed a five-year $118 million contract in December.

Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper and his wife are also expecting a baby this summer, putting him in a similar situation.

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