Every time I open up social media, I see someone talking about traveling or showing off where they have traveled to recently. But to reach one's desired destination, they have to endure the dreaded airport experience.

No one enjoys going through TSA Lines, dealing with flight delays, or paying for expensive food and drinks at the airport. Also, unless you have plenty of disposable income, the seats you pay for are typically cramped and I would not describe them as comfortable.

The team at Bookies.com gathered information on airports around the United States to find out what are the best and worst Airport Experiences. They used the following factors to rank the Major US Airports:

*Flight Cancellation Percentage
*Average TSA Wait Times
*Flight Delay Percentages

Their research team scored every airport on a scale of 50 to 1 (Worst to Best) based on the data collected. This resulted in a list with eight northeast airports rated among the Worst in the United States.

How The Results Of This Research Impacts New Jersey Travelers

According to Bookies.com rankings, three Major Airports in and around New Jersey are rated in the Top 20 worst Airports in America. Some of the highest percentages of Flight Delays can be found at these airports in the Tri-State region:

Newark International Airport
(Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

*Newark Liberty International Airport
For the second straight year, this Northern New Jersey airport received the infamous distinction of the Worth Airport in the United States. Featuring the 13th highest Percentage of Flight Delays (18.77%), the Newark Airport has the highest average TSA Wait Times (23.1 Minutes) in America.

John F. Kennedy International Airport
(Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)

*John F. Kennedy International Airport
The popular New York City airport has the 6th highest percentage of Flights Delayed in America (21.93%).  Overall, JFK Airport is ranked as the fifth worst airport in the United States.

Philadelphia Airport TSA
(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

*Philadelphia International Airport
With the 11th high percentage of Flight Delays in the United States (19.86%), traveling into and out of Philadelphia International Airport has frustrated many people.  Overall, the major Philadelphia Airport is tied for the 11th Worst Airport in America.

Instead of traveling by plane for your next vacation or weekend getaway, here are some ideas for destinations you can drive to and avoid the exasperating airport experience:

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